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The Greater Manassas Saint Patrick’s Day parade route will begin at the intersection of Prescott Avenue and Quarry Road near Old Town Manassas. The route will follow Prescott Ave around corner onto Center Street and continue down Center Street to West Street. The parade will cross in front of reviewing stage at the corner of West Street and Center Street. Parade Dispersal will begin at the entrance to the Harris Pavilion.

Parking: There are several public parking lots in the Old Town Manassas area, in addition to, parking on the site streets along the parade route. Parts of Center Street, Prescott Avenue, and Quarry Road will be closed for the parade and parade lineup. Please do not park on private residential or commercial property as towing may be enforced without notice.Arrive about an hour early to ensure you get a good place to view the parade along the route. Feel free to bring blanks and low-profile chairs to sit on.

Parade Tips & Safety

  • Parade Marshals wearing yellow safety vests will be present throughout the parade route to ensure the parade runs smoothly and safely. Please respect the parade marshals and go to them with questions or concerns. Please kindly follow their instructions.

  • Arrive about an hour early to get make sure you get a good spot to sit or stand along the parade route. Low profile chairs are welcome too. This is especially important if you have children who need a place to sit.

  • Wear comfortable shoes and layered clothing. It can sometimes get chilly and it there is often a distance to walk between your parking spot and the parade route.

  • Stay out of the roadway and parade processional at all times and keep watch over children and animals. Note: Parade participants are not allowed to throw or drop anything while in the parade processional. They must be handed to spectators.

  • Photos / videos must be taken from the spectator locations along the procession route. Family members and friends of parade participants may not enter the roadway to take photographs.

  • There is an active railroad near the parade route. Use caution when driving over or walking across designated highway-rail grade crossings. Never park, idle, stand, or take photos on or near the rails. Do not cross the tracks at unauthorized locations.